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Soul Mates Synopsis

Alison is an attractive, intelligent 20-something with a great job, which she’s able to do from the comfort of her own home.

In fact, she never needs to leave the house as her friendship needs are met through social media. Plus her moderate shopping addiction can be easily satisfied online.

She lives with her oldest friend, Christie, but frankly she could live without her irritating ways. And, she doesn't have a boyfriend – but hey – who needs a soul mate anyway?

She should be happy. She’s a lucky girl. So why does she feel so disconnected and purposeless?

When Christie decides to arrange a blind date, Alison reluctantly agrees. She hasn't been camping since she was rescued from brownie camp when she was ten – but eating food by a campfire and snuggling in a yurt is probably a lot more appealing these days. Isn't it?

Alison is about to find out what wild camping really means – and that involves guns, squirrels, discomfort, peril and a psychotic visitor. She really is completely out of her depth.

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Andrea & Chris

Andrea had harboured a long-held ambition to submit a film to the Cannes Festival, so as Summer turned to Autumn in 2018 and, after a brainstorming plot session with Chris, she began to work on the comedy screenplay Soul Mates. By the end of September the screenplay was complete and the pair had put out a casting call to actors across the UK.

Over 140 hopefuls had applied. “We selected actors that had well-crafted acting skills, great comedy timing and showed powerful onscreen charisma. We looked carefully at every one of the applications and finally chose ten people.” The shortlisted actors were invited to attend a reading in South Wales with sandwiches and coffee to make them feel relaxed.

“Such a wonderful experience, cant wait until the next one.”

Chris Burke - Producer

“There's more to come. Join us on the journey!”

Andrea Thompsom - Writer/Director

The audition process was successful and Andrea and Chris were able to clearly identify the 5 characters involved in ‘Soul Mates’. Actors Hannah Howell, Sarah Dyas, Lee White, Jake Waring and Nicole Evans were all on board and the pieces were all falling into place. The successful applicants were sent the latest script and invited to join a Facebook Group set up with the express purpose of keeping people feeling up-to-date and knowledgeable through the pre-production period.

Production started on 11th November and quickly moved to the woodland at Ballas Farm on Stormy Down. Filmed over 5 days, the weather was remarkably well behaved remaining dry throughout. “It was a complete joy from start to finish.”

The editing process took another 4 weeks and on the 31st January a cast and crew screening was arranged. The team have now submitted Soul Mates to the Festival De Cannes 2019 under the Short Film Category.